Entangled Ecologies

A young Black woman looks to the camera among tree debris in this black-and-white photo
David Berg, Regrowth II, 2017. Photograph, St Croix. 

The St. Lucian poet and Nobel Prize winner Derek Walcott writes that Caribbean history “is there in Antillean geography, in the vegetation itself.”1


In this pathway, artists, musicians, and poets tell the history of Hurricane María through the transformation of the island's trees. 


These trees bear witness to and share in the story of its people: both are a mix of indigenous and transplanted varieties, many felled by the storm, some uprooted, still more learning to flourish in the spaces where others have fallen. 


Part elegy, part celebration of regrowth, these works reveal to us that the lives and landscapes of Puerto Rico are deeply and beautifully entangled.


1Derek Walcott, “The Antilles, Fragments of Epic Memory: The 1992 Nobel Lecture,” World Literature Today. 1993, 264.

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