Creative Resistance

In 'Welcome to Paradise I,' Jo Cosme sits in front of destroyed fence and trees while staring into the camera next to a life jacket
Jo Cosme, Welcome to Paradise, 2017. Photograph. Puerto Rico.

For many artists across the Greater Caribbean, the hurricane season of 2017 completely changed the nature and aims of their craft. Painter Sally Binard shifted from depicting the Florida Keys to creating self-portraits of the grueling rebuilding process. Photographer Jo Cosme used her medium to point out the hypocrisy of the tourism industry promoting vacations amid Puerto Rico’s devastated ecological and social landscapes. Artist Sarabel Santos-Negrón found her artistic gaze drawn to the debris created by the storm as a testament physical and emotional displacement. For each of the artists in this pathway, creating art became a means for personal healing as well as an opportunity to re-envision life—art became a way to creatively resist disaster.

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